Gabion Mesh News

Gabion Mesh by a high resistance to corrosion, high strength, ductility, low carbon steel wire or PVC coated steel wire for more than a mechanical woven web made use of the box-type structure is the gabion. According to ASTM and EN standards, low carbon steel wire diameter are used according to the engineering design requirements and different. Generally between 2.0-4.0mm, gabion wire tensile strength not less than 38kg / m2, metal coating weight is generally higher than 245g / m2, gabion edge wire diameter generally larger than the piece of wire diameter. Double stranded portion of the length of not less than 50mm. To ensure that the twisted part of the metal coating and PVC wire coating from damage.


Gabion can be used for slope support, foundation pit, mountain rock face hanging shotcrete, slope planting green (green), rail highway isolated protection block, it also made cages, mesh pad, with to protect against erosion of rivers, dams and seawalls, reservoirs, rivers closure with cages. The most serious disasters river water to river erosion damage caused by flooding flooding, resulting in substantial loss of life and property suffered and a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with these issues Hou, applying the lattice structure of the eco-grid become one of the best solution, which enables permanent river bank protection.

  1.  flexible structure to adapt to changes in the slope without being destroyed, better than the rigid structure with safety and stability;
  2. anti-erosion ability, can withstand the maximum flow rate of up to 6m / s;
  3. the structure has essentially permeability, groundwater and filtering effect of the natural role of a strong inclusive, suspended in water and silt to be deposited shift was to fill the crevice, thereby facilitating the natural growth of plants, the gradual recovery the original ecological environment.
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